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    Une petite fouille en Italie, ça vous dit?



    Une petite fouille en Italie, ça vous dit?

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    From 31 August to 30 October 2009 the archeological research activities in the Etruscan site at Marsiliana d’Albegna (Manciano, Italy) will start again under the direction of the Department of Archaeology and History of Arts of the University of Siena (Laboratory of Etruscology and Italic Antiquities directed by Prof. Andrea Zifferero) and with Etruria Nova, a not-for-profit association. Started in 2002, the Marsiliana Project has contributed to the rediscovery of this important Proto-historic and Etruscan site, already known for its rich and large necropolis brought to light by Prince Tommaso Corsini at the beginning of the 1900’s.

    The 2009 Research Campaign provides the Following activities:

    1. Excavation of an Etruscan production site (kiln?) located near the Albegna river. This is a massive outcrop of transport amphorae from 6th century B.C. and waste production, contiguous to a building that has uncovered bucchero, coarseware and Etrusco-Corinthian ware;

    2. Continuation of the excavation in the “Casa delle Anfore”, a peripheral residence with central atrium, dated between the last quarter of the 6th and the end of the 5th century B.C. This building, situated within Corsini’s Estate, Has an area of 400 mq and is divided into at
    least six rooms, of which only two have been explored until now.

    3. Continuation of the survey within Corsini’s Estate: clean-up and identification of some graves not yet explored, discovery of new sites for a more precise sites for a more precise definition of the living and funerary fabric of the Etruscan Age.

    Conditions of participation: the activities in the field and in the laboratory imply a commitment of 40 hours weekly, certified with a certificate valid for the issue of formative credits ( for University and High School). There will also be afternoon workshops on the study of epigraphy and Etruscan ware, informatics elaboration of data and methodology of excavation; on the weekends, excursions to the major sites and museums of Southern Etruria are planned. All organizational and logistical aspects are under the direction of Etruria Nova not-for profit: participants require the certification of tetanus injection, and the annual membership fee, insurance included. The fee is 80 euro for one week, 150 for two weeks, 200 for three weeks. Price includes full board and lodging, transfer by car, workshop and excursions. Partecipants are housed in the holiday farm house “La Speranza”, situated in Marsiliana d’Albegna, in flats with 4 or 5 beds, with independent kitchen and bath, air conditioning and heating, soccer field and swimming pool available. The participation in the research is open to students of archaeology and volunteers, provided that they are of legal age.


    University of Siena
    Prof. Andrea
    Phone: 0039 577

    Etruria Nova not-for-profit Association
    Carmine Sanchirico
    Mobile: 0039 347 3437462

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